October 13, 2011

I Believe

Sadie and I have been talking a lot about what people believe.
She wants to know why some people believe in God and others don't, why some people believe in fairies but not others, why do some people only believe in what they can see.

I told her that sometimes we hold a belief in our hearts and bodies that we can't prove, that we will never be able to prove is true. It's called faith, that feeling.
Faith is often co-opted by religions. But they don't have a monopoly on faith.
We can believe that there is more to life than just our time on earth, that there is something bigger than us. And we can believe it with every cell of our bodies. We can have absolute faith in it.
And it's not a weaker faith just because we can't name the deity or state with absolute authority what happens when we leave the world.

She loves to think about this stuff. I remember thinking about it all too.

And she has theories.
One is that our spirits go on and love each other forever. I believe that too.
Another is that fairies are 100% real, which I would like to be true, but I'm not so sure.
And here's the latest. She came in from the yard very excited and said:

Mama, want to know what I believe? Let me tell you.
I believe that there are girl giants up in the sky. Only girls, no boys. And they have gardens and when it rains down here is when they are watering their flowers.
But they're nice giants. But they have no idea that we're here because we're just a tiny little ball on their flower. That's how big they are!
So they don't know they're making it rain here, because they can't see us.
And there are no boy giants, just girls.

That's what I believe, mama. And no one else has to believe in it. That's okay.

God (or Goddess, or maybe even Girl Giants), I love this kid.

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