October 7, 2011


Silas is a man of few words. But he does has a way of getting his point across.
Sometimes it's like living in a game of charades, a non-stop party in the '70s.
I will ask him a question, say: Do you want grapes or strawberries?
He will say, Ummm. Huh. Like he's thinking really hard.
So I'll pantomime and do something silly like make a little ball with my hands for grapes and pretend to pick a strawberry for strawberries.
And then he'll pretend to pick a strawberry and say yeah!

And now he says things like Mo! (more) and Ank Ooo (thank you). And he can say Wawa (I'm sure you can guess that one) but still uses the hand sign for water anyway.

But my favorite is the way he differentiates sizes.
He likes big things. Big things are Wow!
Things that aren't so big in comparison are No wow.
No wow is said in a little voice, which makes it seem like he feels bad for the thing, like he's sorry it's not Wow!

And, judging by Sy's growth chart at the doctor last week (follow the line to see the growth):

Um, yeah, I think he's pretty Wow!

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