December 27, 2011

A Long Post is Coming

After a trip to Ikea, among other things. I haven't forgotten to get Christmas pictures on here.

I should be grateful that it is even possible to be putting pictures on the blog and that I didn't wipe my old computer clean after getting a new one 4 weeks ago (right, like I'm that on top of things. I should say that Will didn't wipe the laptop). Why?
Oh, because Silas pulled it to the floor and it's now at the repair place with a broken hard drive. The Laptop Accident Program, a friend to mothers of toddlers everywhere.

And speaking of toddler boys, we have had the wood stove on for the last few days and it is absolutely wonderful. And hot as heck. We even have a big, ugly gate that goes around said stove so that no kids can fall into it. But that didn't stop Silas from reaching through the gate while I putting a log in and pushing the open door. That didn't end well. But cold water, motrin, burn cream and an episode of Sesame Street later, all is well.
Although he did feel the need to tell me 'Tove hot! about six times before he finally fell asleep last night. Let's hope the lesson has been learned.

And, Sadie, who has become permanently attached to her new set of roller skates, watched that Folger's coffee commercial from the 80's this morning on Youtube. You know, the one where the kid comes home from college and wakes everyone up with coffee? Don't ask, there was random link somewhere.
And she couldn't watch it because made her too sad. Such a sensitive little kid. I guess I shouldn't show her the Cat Chow one where the girl comes home from college and sees her cat again. I remember crying for fifteen minutes at that one.

But we are all well. Holiday Market is over, hurrah! And now the season of blog posts begins. Promise.

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