December 29, 2011

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

I did intend for this post to be up a little sooner. Like, before the New Year. As I sit here typing on the evening of the 30th I'm thinking it may actually get there. But it may not.
We are on hour forty-three of Holding Silas. Who has been throwing up for as long. So, we'll see.

But, on to Christmas!
First, of course, we needed a tree. So we cut one down at a nice farm nearby. Much to our delight the trip to the trees included a hay ride. A hay ride in December!

Our tree had to fit certain criteria: small, narrow and cute. We found one that did, and cut it down.

Here's the trophy picture. It almost escaped, but the kids caught it before it got away.

And then there was a little bonfire, around which we enjoyed some hot cocoa.

And here she is, all dolled up. Christmas Tree 2011.

Then we waited impatiently for Christmas. Even the chocolate advent countdown calendar couldn't quell the incessant Mama, how many more days until Christmas? Okay, how many more days if we don't count today? How about if we don't count Christmas? And so on and so forth.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived. And we pulled out our Santa plate and some of the chocolate -covered pretzels we made. And, of course, oats and carrots for the reindeer.
And do you know what Sadie told me?
Mama, Rudolph isn't REAL! Not like the other reindeer, and Santa. 
Oh, of course.

Christmas morning before sunrise. So excuse the terrible pictures. Plus, it's not like the sun ever rises around here between the months of December and May.
The garbage truck!

Trampoline! Roller skates!

And more and more.
All this loot will keep them busy for weeks.
And we had the inaugural fire in our wood stove. Which makes the house about 6,000 degrees, but I'm not complaining.

Does anyone else's house look like this late Christmas morning?

For dinner, roast beast, mashed potatoes and string beans. These kids love my string beans.
The requested dessert was Make Your Own Sundaes. Yes, we're very into make-your-own stuff around here. Being the master of one's own destiny (or dessert) is very exciting.

Especially when you dump half the bottle of star sprinkles on your own sundae.
And here's Sadie as she's looked almost every day since Christmas.

It was a peaceful, quiet, present-filled, treat-filled, exciting Christmas Day. The best kind.

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