December 18, 2011


She's five, folks. I'm not quite sure how it happened. Next year she'll be thirty and move out.

But for this year, she's five, and was up at the crack of dawn. And she was remarkably patient about opening her presents.

Her birthday cereal was Lucky Charms, same as last year. You just can't beat florescent marshmallows.

Silas enjoyed his first taste of sugary cereal too.

Finally, she got to work playing with some presents.

And then, for the fourth year in a row we headed to "Dancing Mouse." I think that none of you will be surprised by this.
She actually wanted to go somewhere else and we were all set to go and then she changed her mind.

And for the fourth year in a row she still hates this ride and insists on being taken off midway.

Sadie, when asked what kind of cake she wanted, said she wanted to decorate her cake by herself. I want to squeeze those tubes of icing, mama!
Then, she wanted a fairy cake. While looking at fairy cakes online, she spotted one of those barbie cakes with the giant skirts, and she said she wanted a fairy skirt cake.
So I asked her if she'd like a fairy skirt cake that she got to decorate.

And, yeah, she did. Here it is after she went to town on it.

And here it is after the fifteenth time Sadie and Silas ran in to "eat a star sprinkle."
Silas, not known for his delicacy in such manners, grabbed a  handful of cake.

Then the requested dinner of the day, Make Your Own Pizzas, commenced.

They were really good, and made us wonder why we ever buy other pizzas around here. They were tons better than was passes for pizza out of New York City.
Then I remembered why: sheer laziness.

Sadie made her wish.

And then pulled out the doll.

And she said, I love my birthday! I'm having such a good day!
What more could we ask for?
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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