January 6, 2010


Sadie loves to do ballet. So I asked her if she wanted to take a ballet class. Yes!
So I found one for 3-4 year olds and signed her up. And yesterday was her first class. Her teacher was a nice lady named Miss Dawn.

Now, knowing that dance instructors can be particular I told Sadie we should wait to pick up all of her dance accessories- leotard, skirt, shoes, etc. I didn't want to find out that we needed a very specific outfit and had purchased the wrong equipment.

Fast forward to class. Everyone except Sadie and another girl arrived decked out from head to toe in ballet regalia. Sadie didn't care, though. And, yes, I suppose I am a dork.

Here she is, following some moves:

Notice how they are all standing on those two blue lines. Well, close enough:

Um, not quite sure what's going on below. I think it might be Sadie's interpretive dance portion of the class. What's that? Is it an interpretive dance class?

And here? Well, Sadie needed a better view of Miss Dawn's feet. I kept getting a sneaking suspicion that Sadie has all the grace and poise of her mother:

And y'all know that that is a vast yawning cavern of emptiness. With one small speck of poise stuck at the bottom. But what we lack in ability...

We make up for in enthusiasm!


LindaT said...

Ah, yes. Memories... Although Sadie seems to be more with the program than Some People I know were. At least she is PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT THE TEACHER WANTS HER TO DO! A little interpretive dance is OK if you are 3. If you are right about her G & P, she has inherited it also from her Grammy. The pic of Sadie standing by the teacher to get a better look at her feet, is very reminiscent of me in jazz class. I was great at it until I had to follow a combination that required two or more steps. Hmmm. Maybe I need to find an interpretive dance class. Love you all more than you can know.

Granny said...

Dance, Ballerina, Dance. Granny is a closet dancer still wishing to take lessons.