January 4, 2010


The other day Will had the word hamantashen stuck in his head. Say it: Hamantashen. Hamantashen.
It gets lodged in there, doesn't it?

Anyway, he finally asked what the heck a hamantashen is. A delicious cookie, I said. A triangle cookie! I said.
Yum! Sadie said.
Hamantashen, Will said.
Which then lodged the thought of delicious cookies in my head.

And since the last piece of the carrot cake I made was consumed last night it was time for another baked good. Hmmm, I'm thinking the mystery of why those last 10 baby pounds are still attached to me has been solved.

So, how 'bout we make some cookies?
Yes! Says Sadie
Cutting out the rounds of our dough.

Well, that's sort of how to fold it...

Hmmm, nice try, but...

You did it, Sade! This one is just about perfect...

These pictures of my counters have brought home to me just how unattractive my counters are. My landlord must have gotten them for free. No one in their right mind would pay money for that color.
Speaking of landlords, did I ever mention our landlord sounds exactly like Dr. Phil? Exactly.
But I digress.

We made 2 flavors: marionberry & chocolate. Here they are, all cooked up...

How are they, Bubba? Tasty?

Judging by the chocolate around her mouth I'm gonna go with yes.


Schleck said...

I have the exact same horrible green marble in my bathroom! I just brought a shower curtain back from New York because I couldn't find one here that was nice enough to detract from it's hideousness. I'm sorry that you share this unfortunate countertop fate, but now when I look at mine I'll think of you. And at least you can hide yours under trays of delicious baked goods. Maybe you could send some hamantashen this way...

Greerio said...

save me one! I like the new look of the blog! Let's plan a trip! Call me!