January 11, 2010

Two is Enough**

Some of you may know we are done done done having kids. Yes, really. Yup.
Oh, I guess I never mentioned how much I dislike being pregnant, did I? Well, I don't like to complain...

Heh. I'll bet y'all are excited that we are done just so you never have to listen to 9 months of whining and nauseousness ever again.
Anyway, that's all she wrote, so Will agreed to get a vasectomy. Hey, he offered! I did agree to carry 2 children- if we could have switched I would have been first in line.

So he has spent the weekend recuperating after the procedure. Sadie had to know a bit of what was going on as she is always jumping on Dada, and doing so this weekend would have been painful to say the least. So she knew Dada had to have surgery on his testicles. She was pretty interested in the whole thing and took it in stride- the way 3 year olds do.
But that doesn't mean she remembered not to jump on him.

But, anyway, we were leaving this afternoon to run an errand and Will had stopped home between classes. And here's the conversation between them:

S: Are you going to work Dada?
W: Yup. I love you and I'll see you later.
S: Have a good day with your testicles!

She's bananas.

**This vasectomy-related blog post has been approved by the vasectee.


BOSSY said...

Ouch. Ice packs.

Greerio said...

She is bananas. Bananas Fleming. Hope he heals up soon!