October 20, 2008

At the Playground

I've told you before about my playground issue, no?
They all have these 10 foot drops with no rail. You climb up the steps and end up on a platform with a slide on one side and a portal to death on the other three. Sadie makes her way up and then I have a heart attack and get her back down. Again and again.
But there's news. We have found a park that doesn't strike fear into my heart!

Watch how much fun she has without me hovering over her and dragging her away from 20 foot tall fireman poles and holes that go to nowhere.


Look at that face! Fun!

Hanging out:

After the (soft and short) fall into the wood chips:

More climbing:

OK, so I also let her go on the big slide at the other side of the playground where the bigger park is. That slide is cool, it's made of rollers:


She makes this face all the time. Often right before she admits that what you just did was, in fact, amusing. We love it:

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