October 26, 2008

The Bus

Sadie and I took the bus the other day. We had to go downtown and Will needed the car. So we took the bus. Let me just say it was a major hit.
Not only did Sadie say things like Wheee! and Moin (More) ride bus! but she yelled Close door, close door! every time we stopped at a stop.
Try explaining bus stops to a 22 month-old. Sheesh!

But it was fun. I think we will ride the bus one day when we're bored.
However, riding the bus 'round these parts can be interesting. I have only ridden the bus 5-6 times and every time, without fail, I meet a crazy/strange person.
This time, amongst a few other strange people, there was the short, deaf-mute (is that even politically correct these days?), Asian, sunglass-wearing at night, 60-something year-old lady who picked Sadie up while we were waiting for the bus and pretended she was stealing her.

Go read that last sentence again, please.

Yes, she put her bags down, picked up Sadie, mimed that she was stealing her and hid behind the bus stop sign. She kept peeking out at me and grinning. Then she would hug Sadie again.
She turned out to be a lovely lady and we "signed" a conversation the rest of the way on the bus. But, seriously, how crazy is that?

Anyway, today was a balmy 70 degrees and sunny. We went to the Mushroom Festival. We had to take a shuttle bus(!) to the festival. A yellow bus. Guess who enjoyed that?

Here she and Dada are doing an art project.

Look at that crazy paint-covered kid! Trying to put the lens cap on.

Hey, stop taking pictures of me and take a picture of my new spider.

This squishy spider that she won did not leave her hand. You should have seen when Dada tried to hold it for a minute. Not a good idea.

Look at the paint on her face. Here she is watching git-taaar playing. She loves to watch guitars, or any music:

I love that monkey!

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