October 16, 2008

Dressed for Success

I don't deny that often Sadie looks like she's dressed herself, as many toddlers do. However, she hasn't dressed herself. I've dressed her.
I get these cockamamie ideas that she MUST wear a certain shirt, but then realize there are no clean pants that match really well. But I'm all hung up on the shirt.
So we end up with a strange outfit.

Then there are the outfits that were fine but as we add accessories throughout the day they get progressively weirder. See below:

Well, the pants and shirt were OK. And Sadie HAD to wear her pink flowered thermal because I was wearing my pink flowered thermal. You understand, no?
But then we needed cat boots while outside.
And a hat- the closest hat was this bonnet.
Look. She can't even bear to look:

Actually, she's so very tired of me harassing her with the camera.

But, if we didn't have the bonnet none of these next pictures would have been possible.




The next shot (that I missed) is of her spitting out the berry because they are sour again. Black boway season has ended.

Now, aren't you glad I'm allowed to dress her?

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