October 22, 2008

The Finger of Death

The ahnnies are back. And our exterminator has flaked out on us. So I am calling around for a new one. But in the meantime we are seeing random ants everywhere.
And at this point I have become completely inured to squishing them with a finger.
What I call The Finger of Death.
Squish, squish, squish. They are so little they just sort of disappear. Are you grossed out yet?

So the other day Sadie is crouching and looking at the floor. Ahnnie! she yells. And I watched her sweet little finger hit the floor. All gone!
The Miniature Finger of Death.

But here's from today. She picked the ant up off the floor and was really enjoying it crawling on her arm:

Ahnnie! On arm!

Can you see it on her sleeve? She was laughing and having a great time.

Ahnnie! Ahnnie on thumb!!!

Hmmm, where ahnnie? Mommy take ahnnie:

Mommy had taken the ahnnie off and squished it. I thought for a minute maybe I'd scarred her for life. But she didn't care, it seemed, once she realized it was gone for good.
At dinner she told Dada:

Have ahnnie on arm. Ahnnie on thumb. Ahnnie tickle. Mommy squish ahnnie! All gone!
Squish, squish. All gone ahnnie!

With a big smile.

What have I done?

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