October 1, 2008


We turned Sadie's car seat around last week. So now she's facing forward. She was turning into a real crankpot about the car and now she seems to like riding in the car a lot better. There are just two problems:

One is that she doesn't fall asleep as easily and has not napped a couple of times. This is not good. I might lose my mind if she doesn't nap.
I'm not kidding.

Number two is that she doesn't like when we are stopped. Especially if there is a car in front of us. So all of a sudden I'll hear Push. Push! Push! Mommy push. Push Mommy! and she's got her feet pressing into the back of the passenger seat and she's trying to push us forward.

She's really not happy and wants the car pushed out of the way. I'm working on trying to explain the whole red light/green light concept to her. I think she's getting it.
And although sometimes the New York City driver in me wants to Push! thankfully I am not a toddler and can control the urge.

But really, it's the loony bin for me if she stops napping. The loony bin, I say.

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