January 18, 2011

I Won't Grow Up

Yesterday Sadie said, Mama I don't ever want to grow up and be big.
Why? I asked.
Because when you're big you have to clean and make dinner and do stuff like that...I don't want to do that stuff, I just want to play and be a kid.

Told you this kid was smart.

And, of course, I used this teaching moment in the car to teach her to sing I Won't Grow Up from Peter Pan. (What's a serious 'spression, Mama?)
Because I totally understand, Sadie. Don't all of you?

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I don't want to grow up either Sadie. In fact sometimes I still feel like a kid. But the good thing about being a grown up?? you can eat cookies for breakfast if you want and no one tells you to clean up your toys... or eat your dinner. Of course you still have to pick up your toys because there is no one else to do it and you still get a tummy ache if you eat those cookies for breakfast.