January 14, 2011

Open Up and Say Arrrrgh!

Today was Sadie's first appointment with the dentist.
I am making the understatement of the year when I say it didn't go well.

Yeah, it didn't go well.

She yelled and cried and clung to me like a rabid baby koala bear. She done lost her mind.
One thing to know about this child is that when she decides she doesn't like or is scared of something there is no way on goddess's green earth you are going to get her to do it.
She could teach a mule about stubbornness.
And so, with a quick peek in her mouth by the dentist, which Sadie allowed at the end (and I use "allowed" very loosely), we were out of there.

They want us back in 6 months.
Think they'll answer when we call to schedule the appointment?

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