January 25, 2011

The Nerds

Nerdkin 1:

Nerdkin 2:

The Nerdkins:

Yeah, my pet name for them is nerdkin. After all, they are the progeny of a nerd, no?
Say it loud, say it proud, I always say.

And, right there, just now, I have said something nerdy, haven't I?


princessmdln said...

I love that Sadie has the dress on that we got her at the park!!
Kisses to both nerds!
Love you

Sadie and Silas said...

Maddy, she wears it all the time. She tries to wear it every day, unless it's dirty.
It's already been washed 7 times or something. She LOVES it!

princessmdln said...

OMG that is so awesome! Ian will be thrilled since he picked it out.
Give her an extra big kiss from us.

Miss and love you!!