January 9, 2011

On Entertaining Children

So, today I wanted Silas out of my hair for a while. I suddenly realized that he's never played with beans - a fun pastime for little ones.
He played at the sand and water table all summer and fall until it was too cold and man, he loves that table, as does Sadie.
So I got out some orange lentils thinking that they were the beans least likely to choke a curious toddler who loves to taste everything.

He absolutely loved it. He was quiet and didn't try to eat them at all. After he got the maniacal throwing of the beans out of his system he got into the moving beans around with utensils, pouring into cups, and other busy toddler activities.

Then, after about 15 minutes, as soon as I got comfortable with him playing and seeing he wasn't going to eat them I, still sitting right next to him on a chair, decided to look at my computer. Of course, it was that moment that Silas took a giant bite of dried lentils and started gagging and choking. Awesome, there's nothing I love more than the good adrenalin rush of trying to get things out of a gagging, choking, crying toddler mouth. Sheesh.

Then Sister joined in the fun. Four year-olds may like bean-playing just as much as 17 month-olds.
And Silas may have learned his dry bean-eating lesson. For today, at least.

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LindaT said...

You need the adrenaline rush to keep youyoung. Those are two cute "beanie" babies.