January 18, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Although the weather has been rainy recently it has been so mild out.
No wind, light drizzle and 60 degrees is actually kind of nice. So we have been out in the yard trying to get some fresh air.
Of course, kids love it outside. Rain, snow, what have you. It's us grownups that get all persnickety and whiny and cold. And by grownups, I mean me.

Sadie has been having a fine time playing with her umbrella. Which inspired me to sing Singing in the Rain to her while in the yard.
Sing the rain song again, Mama! Sadie said.
This is the kind of thing you don't have to ask me to do twice.

So, much to the delight of Sadie, but possibly the chagrin of neighbors who may also have been trying to enjoy the weather, I sang it four more times.
Because, well, singing in the rain while dancing around is actually all it's cracked up to be. Try it.

Silas did some much needed shopping.

Trucks were thrown...er, I mean played with.

Puddles were jumped in.

And I didn't whine about the cold once. In January, mind you. I could get used to this.

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