November 12, 2010

It Could've Been Worse...

Much, much worse.
Sadie, while playing with her scissors, decided to cut a bit of hair.

Then she thought she should and come and tell me about it. She half knew it was not something that she should do, but was half proud that she had done it.
I cut my own hair! I'm a hair stylist!
Why does every 3 year old decide to give themselves a haircut?
I don't remember getting a Babycenter email update about this particular childhood milestone.

I laughed. These kids just kill me.
But then I thought if I found it too funny she would do it again. And, man, that might not leave her with just one tiny clump of bangs.
So we had a talk about how scissors go away for good unless she can restrain herself.

Then we took pictures for posterity. Then I had a good laugh. Out of her sight.

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LindaT said...

Just like her Mama.