November 21, 2010

Trouble With A Capital S

If you've ever been around a toddler for any length of time you may know that they are both the cutest and most bothersome little creatures that exist in this world.

Not only do they get into everything, they enjoy getting into everything.
It is what they do. That is why they exist.

Sometimes Silas stands and waits, with his hand poised over the dog's water bowl, just waiting to splash. Stands and stares at you until you look at him. And then he lowers the hand into the water, keeping his eyes on you all the while.
Just to see what you'll do.
Or, he'll stand on his little ride-on car. Yes, he balances on it. And if you aren't watching he'll say, Uh! Uh! Uh! until you turn around and see him.
These toddlers, man, they are totally messing with your mind.

(Sy spilling water on the table and then slamming his hand in it repeatedly so it splashes everywhere)
I try redirecting him. Which works. Until he finds the next thing 8 seconds later.

And a firm No? Well, that just startles him for a second.

(Sesame noodles and a pear slice on his head. He was putting them up there on purpose.)

And then he laughs uproariously. Then he does it again, just so he can hear you say it again in a firm voice. He thinks it's funny. The stinker!

(Sy standing in the pile of dirt I'm sweeping up. Every night after dinner he races around in the kitchen doing a jig in the pile of dirt, no matter how fast I move.)

Then he gives you a huge grin. So that very serious "No" face you have on?

(Feeding the dog his food. Or rather, letting the dog lick his food and then eating it himself.)

Yeah, that firm face starts to crack into a smile. Which really does nothing to help your cause.

("Washable" crayon on the door. Which is still there. Because, NO, it's not washable.)

But he's just so stinkin' adorable. You really can't help it.

(Sy likes to remove the dish towels from the drawer. He was working on this project while I was attempting to remove crayon from door- see above.)

You just have to give in. After all, you needed a new toothbrush anyway, really. So it's not a big deal that yours is gone. day...gone.
And last seen in the possession of the toddler.
Oh yeah, did I mention he likes to practice using the garbage can, too?

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