November 2, 2010

Upon Finding Out That Grownups Can Do What They Want

Today Dada turned on the TV to record something. Our TV is never on during the day, only after dinner when Sadie is allowed to choose something to watch while she has dessert.

So she says, Dada! You can't turn the TV on!

He said he wasn't watching something but recording The Simpsons. And then I dropped the bombshell: No, we don't watch TV during the day. But we could if we wanted to.

Noooo, Sadie says, laughing.

Grownups can watch TV whenever they want, I said. When you're grownup you will be able to watch TV whenever you want.

Really? Sadie looks at me incredulously.


Her face lit up.
I think she was remembering how grownups can have as much dessert as they want too.

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