November 5, 2010

Jack O' Lanterns

We can't let Halloween go by without sharing our pumpkins. We carved, in accordance with Sadie's wishes, a scary, a scared and a silly pumpkin.

At first the messiest kid in the world said she was scared of pulling out the goop. My child?
Have I told you about how Sadie loves to be dirty? I, not one obsessed with cleanliness, can hardly believe how she revels in filth.
But I digress.

She realized real quick that pumpkin goop was fun.

Brother ate soup. And watched.
Because I knew I was going to spend the whole time trying to pull goop out of his mouth if he wasn't occupied.
And food is his #1 occupation.

She painted one too. Reminder: Glitter paint does not, I repeat not, stick to pumpkins well. Be prepared for glitter paint flakes to be decorating your floor for days after it dries. Then put it in the yard.

And here they are. Scary, Scared, and Silly.

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Greerio said...

Loving this every day thing. The pumpkins rock! She was right. Scary, scared, and silly are perfect!