November 10, 2010


What do you do with a semi-sick kid and her brother when you're trapped in the house for another day and they have begun a pushing war over the sketchbook you have out for them to draw on?

You get out the roll of paper and do up the coffee table.

You let 'em eat markers. Hey, they're non-toxic!

You admire their handiwork. This one belongs to the boy.

This one is Sadie, with a little help from Mama to warm her up.

Sadie's bee (left) and ant (right):

A mouse. A pink and yellow mouse:

All the planets in our solar system and a whole bunch of other planets too:

Notice the rings around Saturn. And another one too.

Sadie's own fairy done all by herself:

Yes, those are booboos.
No, I have no idea why.
Yes, she's a nut.
They did eventually get covered up by a shirt drawn on top of them.
Mama, I drawed a shirt over the booboos. Fairies have booboos so I drawed them first!
My kid's a realist.

But, most of all, you let your kids enjoy the fun of a giant piece (or 3) of paper to do with what they wish.

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